PT 300-Profile Projector

Table Top Models with a vertical light path, 300mm screens, advanced Digital Read Out for measurements of X, Y, Angles, Lines, Distances, Circles, Skew as standard. Suitable for small, light components like plastic or watch parts, blankings and so on. Options include a Geometric Data Processor or full fledged Computer System with Edge Detector, for data capture, reverse engineering, generation of drawings by tracing, tolerancing and SPC.


Screen Fine grain Ground glass 300mm dia.
Lens Axis vertical
Electronic Protractor Switchable degree/decimal, 1 minute/0.01 degree.
Display range:+/-360 degree, Abs/Inc, Zero Setting
Magnifications 3 station turret for safety/ease of use
Standard 10x
Optional 20x, 50x
Accuracy 0.05% on Profile and Surface
Work Stage table top area: 350x280mm, Two T slots
Measuring range X/Y Axis: 200x150mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Measuring system Built in glass scales
X Y Digital Read Out functions Zero setting, inch/mm, Abs/Inc, Circle measurement,
X/Y axis Quick displacement
Profile Lamp One 150W, 24V
Surface Lamp Two 150W, 24v
Illumination system All Bulbs are independently fan cooled. High intensity, twin beam
direct surface illumination with intensity controllers for variable background/ foreground lighting
Power Supply AC 1 phase, 230 V, 50Hz 550W
Mass 125Kg approx.
Optional Accessories Rotary Table, Inclinable Centers, V Block with Clamp
Geometric Data Processor, Fiber Optic Auto Edge Detector, DGMS-4 Software, Overlay Charts.