PH 600 - Horizontal Profile Projector Heavy Duty

Horizontal light path, heavy duty profile projector with motorized vertical travel for large bulky and heavy components. Applications include large screws, crank shafts, broaches, gears, engine blocks and similar components.


Screen Fine grain Ground glass 600mm dia. with Cross Lines
Lens Axis Horizontal
Electronic Protractor Switchable degree/decimal, 1 minute/0.01 degree. 
  Display range: +/-360 degree, Abs/Inc, Zero Setting
Magnifications : Standard  10X 
Optional 20X, 25X, 50X, 100X, with 4 station turret for safety/ease of use
Accuracy 0.05% on Profile and Surface
Work Stage table top area 630x230mm, one slot, X axis quick release
Measuring range X/Y Axis 350x250mm
Focussing 100mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Measuring System Built in glass scales
X Y Digital Read Out functions Zero setting, inch/mm, Abs/Inc, circle radius & Center, X axis quick displacement
Profile Lams One 250W, 24V
Surface lamp Two 250W, 24V
Illumination System All Bulbs independently fan cooled. High intensity, twin beam direct
surface illumination with intensity Controllers for variable background/foreground lighting.
Power Supply AC 1 phase, 230V, 50 Hz 1200W
Mass 800Kg approx
Optional Accessories Geometric Data Processor, Fiber Optic Auto Edge Detector, DGMS-3 software,
Overlay charts, Pair of V-blocks with Centers, Vertical work-piece holder
Motorized vertical traverse Standard