Geometric Measurement System - DGMS 4

A Computer based system, interfaced with a Profile Projector or Video Measuring Machine, becomes a powerful tool for dimensional control, reverse engineering, tracing and export of drawings to AutoCad.

Software Features:

  • Dimensions, tolerances, constructions, drawings
  • Graphs, bar charts, spreadsheets
  • Import/export of CAD data as .dxf files or overlay master drawings for comparison of deviations
  • First part measured becomes stored program template
  • User friendly, high productivity and accuracy
  • Form errors for tool correction
  • Operator settable Geometric Tolerances / Acceptance Limits, enabling accept / reject decisions
  • Multiple measuring functions and reports


  • Red / Green Color coded part drawings
  • Pass / Fail reports
  • Graphs and Bar Charts

SPC Data:

  • SPC Data as 1, 2 and 3 Sigma tolerance bands
  • CP, CPK, Mean and Normal values for proces capability
  • Measurements and results are displayed in a tabular form, as color coded Pass / Fail reports or as drawings, eliminating time consuming repetitive paper work